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Rickie P. Brown Sr.

Grandson of Rosetta & Jessie D.
McGlaun and son of Berdine
McGlaun, Brown, Hardmon.
It Is with love and understanding for
what family means to me that I
have created this website.
i am in hopes that you all enjoy
and visit It as often as possible. I
has been said " If you strip a man of
his culture he Is no longer a man".
It Is my intent that our children
know from whence they came. We
have family no only that are blood
related but extended. It Is our duty
to join as a family in the eyes of
God and our ancestors. i ask that
you visit, network and contribute
your stories and pictures.

Rickie P. Brown Sr. Is a very artistic
and educated man. He Is an
author, film writer, musician and
historian. Along with his wife
Margie M. Mitchell, Brown their
dreams are to enlighten and
educate our people to the
greatness of their linage and
spiritual wealth.
April 4, 1968 The Aftermath  

His Story
The Story of Him The Original Man


Apiece of MyVillage
(Activity Book)  series



Margie M. Mitchell, Brown

Daughter of Oleander  & David
Mitchell Sr.

Margie M. Mitchel  5th of 6
children and resided on Chicago’s
west side, in the Henry Horner
housing development, for 26
years.  A 1975 graduate of Lucy
Flower Vocational High School
and gifted natural artist, fashion
designer and writer, she considers
her God-given ability to
understand crucial Bible facts
most people seem to have
overlooked, to be her greatest
talent.  Specifically, she has
discovered through independent
Bible study that the books of the
New Testament are neither placed
nor taught in chronological order
that events of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ actually occurred in.  And
that she says “is why most people
neither understand the gospel nor
the Return of Christ.”

Extensive and on-going Bible
study has allowed Ms. Mitchell to
discover and prove the order the
New Testament’s books should be
placed and studied in.  As a result,
she has written a book aptly
entitled: Bible-documented proof:
The Books of The New Testament
are not in the correct order, which
documents these and other
fascinating and seemingly ‘new’

Currently a resident of Chicago’s
Austin area, Ms. Mitchell looks
forward to continuing this
important work and sharing the
same with others.


"The Books Of The New Testament Are Not In The Correct Order!"

Witness a monumental spiritual breakthrough. Discover the Bible-documented chronological order of the New Testament and Gospel of Jesus Christ  

By Margie M.  Mitchell


April 4, 1968
The AftermathToday
April 4, 1968 while visiting
Memphis in support of striking
sanitation workers during
what was billed as the Poor
Peoples Campaign, the
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. was shoot and killed
on the balcony of the
Loraine Hotel.

This for a long time had me
wondering what people felt
and what were their
thoughts?  What went on that
day in their lives?

By Rickie P. Brown Sr.

"Keys To Understanding The Scriptures"
Amazing new facts and tips! Your Bible study will NEVER be the same.  Beautifully displayed in a 5-sheet set and   available in 2
styles: laminated for framing or with 3 holes for a ring binder.
by Margie M. Mitchell


A Piece of MyVillage Activity Book
Fun for all ages. A good family activity book that will keep you and your love ones intrested and waiting for the next months issue. .
By Rickie P. Brown Sr.