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Brown and McGlaun Family

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Rickie P. Brown Sr.  The author and creator of this novel.  He thought this would be a great opportunity for his students to understand the richness of our culture and heritage. By doing this project they  would obtain first hand knowledge of the sacrifice made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and everyday heroes such as you. There are those of you who risked great sacrifice by marching and protesting for our civil rights. This allowed me the opportunities to achieve anything. Our reason for asking you to become part of this book is to get a personal account of individuals recalling to the best of their ability, their actual feelings and and series of events that took place in their lives on April 4, 1968, the day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Please shre this history inthis book with our children. to have you memories contact me at the email address ou call 773-981-4369. Or click on the book for more details. Help keep the Dream alive. 

 To be a part of this book and to tell your story click on this book for more information click on book above.